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At A Glance

ESCC has developed a comprehensive list of skills which graduates and transfer students should achieve while enrolled in general education courses. Students who complete an A.A. or A.S. degree, or who complete general education courses for the A.A.S. degree or for transfer, should be able to demonstrate profciency in the following areas.

MATHEMATICS COMPETENCY: Students will identify and correctly apply the appropriate principle, formula, or method needed to solve mathematical problems fundamental to the further study of mathematics and to personal/professional success.

WRITING COMPETENCY: Students will demonstrate the ability to develop a stylistically appropriate, grammatically correct, and well-organized essay.

NATURAL SCIENCE COMPETENCY: Students will apply established principles of science and methods of scientifc inquiry to solve problems in the natural sciences.

COMMUNICATION COMPETENCY: Students will demonstrate the effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills necessary for successful oral presentations.

HISTORY/SOCIAL SCIENCES COMPETENCY: Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key figures and/or events in history and their impact on the human condition.

FINE ARTS COMPETENCY: Students will demonstrate the understanding of essential concepts necessary to appreciate musical and visual works of art.

COMPUTER SKILLS COMPETENCY: Students will use common computer applications to create professional-quality documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations.


  • To prepare students for transfer
  • To prepare students for immediate employment and career advancement
  • To assist persons in formulating and achieving their educational goals
  • To assist persons in improving learning skills, overcoming educational deficiencies, and adapting to technological changes
  • To improve the social, economic, and cultural/recreational life in our communities

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