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No matter if you plan to take classes online or in person, we are here to help you every step of the way and make the registration process easier. If you have questions or need assistance with registration, contact us by filling out the online advising form.



Log into your MyESCC account to access DegreeWorks and review your degree plan.


  1. Log into your MyESCC account.
  2. Choose “Student” Tab
  3. Choose “MyDegree”
  4. Choose “DegreeWorks”


If you are unsure of what classes to take each semester, you can use the Academic Catalog to review your degree’s suggested course of study.


  1. Visit the Academic Catalog.
  2. Choose Your Program of Study on the main page.
  3. Choose the appropriate degree or certificate option.
  4. Find the suggested course of study for each degree / certificate at the end of the program’s page.


Review the Class Schedule each semester for class offerings. You can use the class information in the class schedule to help you register through your MyESCC account.

There is a class schedule available for the Enterprise and the Ozark/Andalusia campuses.


Register for your classes through your MyESCC account.


  1. Log into your MyESCC account.
  2. Select “Student”
  3. Select “Student Landing Page”
  4. Select “Registration”
  5. Select “Register for Classes”
  6. Select “Student Landing Page”
  7. Choose the registration term

** Once you have added all classes, be sure to hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page.


Pay for your classes through your MyESCC account. You can also pay in person through the Business Office on the ESCC campus.

Payment plans are available. Visit escc.edu/payment-plans to learn more.


  1. Log into your MyESCC account.
  2. Select “Student”
  3. Select “Student Landing Page”
  4. Select “Make Payments, Deposits, and Payment Plans
  5. Make a payment.


4. Select “Make Payments, Deposits, and Payment Plans
5. Select a payment plan option

*Note For Transfer Students

If you plan to transfer to a university in the State of Alabama after graduating from ESCC, see Alabama Transfers to determine what will transfer.

Request an advisor to help you pick your classes


How Do I Know If My Credits Transfer?

Please consult the Alabama Transfers website for a degree guide to the university you plan to transfer to. Alabama Transfers only provides transfer guides to schools within the State of Alabama. For questions about transferring to a school in another state, please visit that university’s website and look over their requirements. Each university should have an Academic Catalog that you can view requirements. alabamatransfers.com

What Are My Degree Requirements?

Students can view their degree requirements through their MyESCC account.

How many credits do I need to take each semester to be a full-time student?

Full-time students may register for 12-18 credits during the semester. While students can register for 12 credits, students planning to graduate in two years should take more than 12 in most programs each semester. Students wishing to register for more than 18 credits must obtain approval for the overload from the Dean of Instruction.

How do I purchase books?

Students can purchase or rent textbooks through the ESCC or AAC Bookstore, operated by BBA Corp. For the Enterprise campus, the ESCC Bookstore has the ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program that allows students to rent their textbooks at a much lower price than when textbooks are purchased. The textbook rental rate is $25 per credit hour and will be billed to your student account at registration. learn more at escc.edu/all-in.

If you choose to opt out of the ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program, you can:

  • Come inside the bookstore to purchase and pick up textbooks in person
  • Purchase online at escc.edu/bookstore and pick up in the bookstore (You must create an account once you go to the website.)
  • Purchase online at escc.edu/bookstore and have books shipped (You must create an account once you go to the website.)

How do I access tutoring / advising through Boll Weevil Central?

Boll Weevil Central Advising will be open by appointment only for advisement regarding classes and dropping/adding courses, as well as testing services.

Students can request an appointment for placement testing or advisement/changing class schedule by emailing advising@escc.edu. The student must have an appointment and a photo ID to take placement testing in the SAS Lab located in Snuggs Hall.

Students who wish to seek ADA accommodations can email the ADA Coordinator at dfoster@escc.edu to meet by appointment only to discuss what ESCC can provide for accommodations. Please bring a doctor’s documentation to support the ADA needs you have.

Boll Weevil Central Library

To utilize services through Boll Weevil Central Library, visit escc.edu/library. If you have any questions or need assistance with accessing any information through the library, please contact Mrs. Becky Stephens at bstephens@escc.edu or at (334) 347-2623, extension 2271.

Boll Weevil Central Tutoring offers tutoring both in-person and online for a variety of courses.

To receive in-person tutoring, students can com to Boll Weevil Central on the Enterprise campus from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Friday.

To access Boll Weevil Central Tutoring in Canvas, students can either check their campus email and accept the invitation to BWC Tutoring in Canvas or log into their MyESCC account and click on request tutoring, which will take them directly to the BWC Tutoring Canvas Homepage. If you have questions or need assistance accessing BWC Tutoring in Canvas, please contact Mrs. DaNean Pound at dpound@escc.edu or at (334) 347-2623 ext. 2308.

What if I need a laptop for my classes?

If a student needs a computer to complete their assignments for their courses (in-person/online/hybrid), ESCC has laptops available to be checked out.  These laptops are to only be used for school-related purposes, and students will be held personally responsible for any actions or compromised information resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of the College-owned laptops.  As there are a limited number of laptop computers available from Boll Weevil Central each semester, the students must do the following:

  1.  The student in need must complete a laptop request form at escc.edu/laptop.
  2. Sign and abide by the ESCC Laptop Loan Program Agreement and Information Technology Policies on Computer Use and Internet Access forms.

Laptops will be inspected each semester during the final examination week and must be returned immediately following the end of the semester.

How do I get a Parking Permit / Student ID?

Parking permits and Student IDs can be picked up at the Campus Police office, located in Wallace Building on the Enterprise campus and the ATTC Building on the Ozark campus.

Before picking up a parking permit, students must complete the Student Vehicle Registration Form at escc.edu/campus-police or at escc.edu/parking-permit. Students can include up to five vehicles on the parking permit form to receive parking permits.

How do I change my program of study?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar directly to update concentrations. Graduation requirements and sending transcripts are also through the Registrar. Please see anyone in the Student Center or email advising@escc.edu for questions regarding your academic success.

How do I look up my class schedule?

  • Log into your MyESCC account at escc.edu/myescc
  • Select Student and log in
  • Select Student Landing Page
  • Select Registration
  • Select View Registration Information
  • Select Term (ex. Fall 2021)
  • Your schedule should appear

How do I find my advisor and what is an academic advisor?

Academic advisors assist you with selecting the classes you need each semester so you do not waste time and money. You can find your assigned advisor by logging into your MyESCC account. If you log in and do not see an assigned advisor, you can do two things: email advising@escc.edu or request advising assistance by filling out the online advising form.

When is the advising and registration period open and how do I prepare?

Please check the Academic Calendar for registration dates.

To register for classes, you must first be cleared to enroll by your assigned faculty or staff advisor. If you do not have a faculty or staff advisor, your student success advisor can clear you to enroll. Once cleared you can log into your MyESCC account to register for classes. Please contact your advisor for more assistance.

How do I register for courses? When is the deadline to make changes to my schedule?

All add/drop deadlines are listed on the academic calendar. During the first two days of classes, students can add/drop courses through their MyESCC account by selecting REGISTRATION and then DROP/ADD CLASSES option. There is a restricted add/drop period if you want your money back for a class. After that date, students can still drop classes, but they aren’t able to add classes. No student is permitted to add or drop a course after the deadline unless certain circumstances permit an exception. A student may withdraw from a course after the add/drop deadline. (Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.) The course will show on the student’s transcript with a “W.”

What is Priority Registration?

For a student who has completed 30+ credit hours at the time of registration, they are considered priority students and are able to register earlier. See dates for priority registration on the academic calendar.

Can I repeat a course?

Yes, you can repeat a class or classes for a better grade; however, only the last enrollment and grade will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average, regardless of whether it was an improvement. Courses must be repeated at ESCC for the grade to be replaced in GPA calculation.

How can I order my transcripts?

Students can request unofficial transcripts through their MyESCC account. Official transcripts must be ordered through the College’s transcript service, Parchment. Steps on how to order official transcripts can be found at escc.edu/transcripts.

How do I check my financial status?

  • Visit www.escc.edu
  • Select MyESCC in the top left corner of the page
  • Select Student and log in to MyESCC
  • Select Financial Aid
  • Select Financial Aid Status
  • Select on “Unsatisfied Student requirements”
  • Select on “awarded” to see financial aid awards.

How do I log into Canvas?

Students can access all online ESCC services, including their school-provided email, Canvas account, and Microsoft Office 365, through their MyApps dashboard. Learn more or log in at escc.edu/myapps.

We’re available to help you register for classes!

Dava Foster

Email: dfoster@escc.edu
Phone: (334) 347-2623 ext. 2293

Director of Student Success

Micaela Knight

Email: mknight@escc.edu
Phone: (334) 347-2623 ext. 2259

Success Coach

Valeria Pryor

Email: vpryor@escc.edu
Phone: (334) 347-2623 ext. 3657

AAC: Admissions Specialist

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