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Division of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Division at Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) maintains a vibrant artistic community that continues to grow. On our campus, students and community members are given various opportunities to highlight their talents in both solo and group environments. Current students have participated in events such as Piney Woods Arts Festival, NATS student auditions, as well as multiple concerts and art shows at the college and within the community. Choral students have performed at Carnegie Hall, the Washington National Cathedral, Cadogan Hall in London, England, and Disney. We are excited to announce the construction of a new performing arts center for students to display their various artistic abilities.

We are seeking artistically inclined students who are dedicated and disciplined and who want to represent the college within the Enterprise community and throughout the state. Whether one chooses to pursue the arts professionally, each student will learn valuable skills that may be utilized in all disciplines and make lifetime connections with peers. The requirements for our music and theater auditions as well as our visual art portfolio review and interview are included below. If you are interested in joining our program, please follow these instructions and/or contact us for more information. We look forward to meeting you in the near future. Good luck!



Dr. Ken Thomas, chair, Ms. Leslie Gibson, Ms. Lynn Ledbetter, and Mrs. Ashley Gresko
ESCC Fine Arts Faculty

Scholarship Eligible Groups/Pursuits

  • Music or Art Major
  • Digital Multimedia
  • Computer Graphic
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • ESCC Entertainers, show choir
  • ESCC Concert Choir
  • ESCC Concert Band
  • ESCC Entertainers Band
  • ESCC Orchestra
  • ESCC Theater

Scholarship Audition/Portfolio Review Information

Auditions and portfolio reviews will be held on Thursday and Friday, March 7 & 8, 2024, on the Enterprise campus in Forrester Hall (Fine Arts Building). Please contact Dr. Ken Thomas, kthomas@escc.edu, to reserve an audition time for music/theater or Ms. Leslie Gibson, lgibson@escc.edu, to schedule an interview and portfolio review. APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED FOR AN AUDITION. Below is a list of requirements:


  1. Dress should be professional. While it is not required that one dresses formally, it is appropriate for one to wear what is known as business casual (e.g. sports jacket, tie, dresses, etc.).
  2. Complete a fine arts application form provided at the auditions. Arrive early to prevent rushing this process, and make sure to fill out the document in its entirety.
  3. All prospective music students should prepare 20 – 30 measures of a piece appropriate to the group for which you wish to be considered. All songs should be performed a capella. Please notify Dr. Thomas in advance if you would like to audition with more than one instrument as cases such as these will require a longer audition period.
  4. In addition to a song, instrumentalists should prepare five scales, arpeggios, and chord progressions (pianists) of your choice.
  5. In addition to a song, students desiring of a theater scholarship should prepare a monologue.
    1. 1 – 2 minutes in duration
    2. suitable to the age of the actor
    3. from a recognized Broadway or off-Broadway play – no original, unpublished works
  6. There will be a dance/movement element for all theater and Entertainers auditions. Please wear or bring appropriate shoes.
  7. Potential art majors should bring a portfolio (collection) of your artwork.
    1. 12 – 15 of your best pieces from school assignments or personal work
    2. Artwork may include any medium.
    3. Pieces should be organized in logical viewing order either in a traditional portfolio with original or printed reproductions or a digital portfolio. Please bring a charged laptop if you choose to provide a digital version.

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