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Stay home. Stay safe. Save money! ESCC delivers a high-quality learning experience completely online and in up-to-date facilities. University spaces aren’t designed with social distancing in mind where students are jammed together in the tight living conditions of residence halls and communal dining. Many families are considering the benefits of transferable classes from home, at least for a year. Click below to learn more about ESCC online offers:

Instructure provides Canvas 24/7 helpdesk for all users.
Students can call Canvas Support or chat with a Canvas Support Representative 24/7/365.
All users can contact Canvas Support directly by phone (866)481-2081 or live chat using the
Help section on the global navigation green ribbon in Canvas.
Canvas Support is available in English and Spanish.

Earn your degree COMPLETELY online!

ESCC offers over 80 courses online, including all classes required to receive your associate degree. Use your degree to start your new career or transfer to any Alabama 4-year institution.

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I’m in an online course, now what?

Have classes started yet? If so, get started by accessing your new MyESCC dashboard! Enterprise State students can now access all online ESCC services, including their Canvas account, school-provided email, and Microsoft Office 365 through the new MyESCC dashboard.

When signing in for the first time you may be asked to verify your login through 2-factor authentication so please make sure to have a cell phone available.

You can even get
tutoring online!

We understand that adjusting to new classes, especially online, comes with a learning curve. But our tutors are here for you, even online. You can access and schedule virtual tutoring through Canvas by:

  • Accepting an invitation to Boll Weevil Central tutoring in your ESCC email account.
  • Start a chat or send an email to the tutors requesting tutoring in a specific subject.

Schedule Online Tutoring
Schedule Face-to-Face Tutoring

Still have questions? We have answers!

Who should take online courses?

Online (or distance) learning offers students more flexibility than traditional on-campus classes; Students can access course work and submit assignments on their own time schedule – early in the morning or late at night. The college’s goal in offering online courses is to allow students to receive quality instruction regardless of the time or location.

Online learning students must be self-starters, capable of working independently, and willing to take full responsibility for their own learning.

If the student can answer “yes” to all of the questions below, then online courses might be a good choice.

  • Are you independent, self-motivated, and self-disciplined?
  • Can you set and follow a schedule without supervision?
  • Do you have above average oral and written communication skills?
  • Can you read and follow complex written directions well?
  • Can you independently solve complex problems?
  • Can you use computers and the Internet with ease?
  • Do you have easy access to a computer with internet access?

To achieve the greatest level of success, students need easy access to the internet other than through ESCC’s campus computers. Students computers should meet the following minimum specifications:

  • A desktop or laptop – NOT a tablet, iPad, mobile device, etc.
  • The current version of Google Chrome
  • Windows or MAC Operating System
  • Webcam (audio/video capable)

What costs are associated with online classes?

Typically, online classes at Enterprise State do not require students to pay additional fees. Students who are unable to use the online proctoring system my incur an additional cost, proctoring fees. All proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student. All other class fees are the same as our on-campus fees.

Do I have to come to campus for anything?

Students in fully online classes are not required to come to campus. All coursework and testing are completed online.

How do I access my online classes?

Access your Canvas, student email, MyESCC, and Microsoft Office accounts through your MyESCC dashboard. For more information about MyES, including login information, visit escc.edu/myescc.

My class is not in Canvas. What do I do?

We have changed to a new Canvas platform. You will need to login with a new alabama.edu email address. An escc.edu email will not work. You will also need to login to the new Canvas platform (alabama.instructure.com) not the old Canvas (escc.instructure.com). Before contacting the ESCC IT Helpdesk, please follow these steps to access your Canvas account:

Step 1: New Email Address:

  1. You should have received an email (usually at your personal email address) that asked you to claim your new alabama.edu email. Please review your emails to locate that claim email notice. When you claim the new email account, you will set up a new password. You must claim this email before you can login to Canvas or other ESCC platforms.
  2. If you have claimed your new alabama.edu email but do not remember your password, reset your password. See how to do that here.
  3. Go to escc.edu/myescc to log in to the new Canvas. You will need to click on the “MyESCC” button to find the Canvas link. Please login for the first time from a computer (not a phone) using the Google Chrome browser. It may require you to complete an authentication process. You must use your new alabama.edu email and password to login, see step 1 above. See how to access the new Canvas here.
    1. If you are not able to log in, here are some potential causes:
      1. You are trying to login using your ESCC email and not the new alabama.edu email.
      2. You are trying to login to the old Canvas. The url escc.instructure.edu is the old site and alabama.instructure.edu is the new site.
      3. Your old ESCC email credentials are cached in your browser or saved in your sign ins and your computer thinks you are trying to use the old credentials. Clear your browser cache and be sure you are at the new Canvas using new alabama.edu credentials. You can also open a new browser or use incognito mode to login in and bypass your old escc.edu email credentials.
      4. You do not remember your correct password and need a reset. See step 1 above.
      5. You are a recent student and have not been updated in our Canvas system. This process normally takes 24 hours but may take longer if you were added on a Friday.

**If you are trying to view your courses in the Canvas mobile app: https://youtu.be/Zrt14-WvC6c


If you have completed the previous steps, and still do not see your Canvas classes, please verify the date. Classes are not available in Canvas until the first class day of the semester. Also, verify on your schedule that the missing course is a full-term course.

If the missing course is a full-term online course and classes have started, send an email from your student email account to ESCC’s IT Helpdesk (helpdesk@escc.edu). In addition to describing the problem, include your full name and your student number in any request you send to the Helpdesk.

If you are taking a hybrid or face-to-face course, ask your instructor when the course will be available.

Classes have started. What do I need to do first?

Become familiar with Canvas by viewing the Canvas introductory video provided in each class and by viewing each instructor’s guide to navigating their particular class.

Students MUST ALSO complete the Attendance Verification Quiz in each online course during the first 5 calendar days of the semester to ensure you are actively participating in the course. This is the instructor’s way of calling roll. Students who do not complete the Attendance Verification Quiz are reported for non-attendance, will be withdrawn from the course by the Admissions Office, and will not be allowed back into the course without approval from the instructor and the Dean of Instruction. Being dropped from a course may affect the student’s financial aid.

Any communication other than completing the Attendance Verification Quiz (emailing your instructor, completing an assignment, posting to the discussion board, etc.) is not considered active participation in the course, and students will be dropped. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMPLETE THE ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION QUIZ ASAP!

How is attendance taken?

Attending a distance learning or online learning course requires a student to actively participate by engaging in an academically related activity. This type of activity might include a graded discussion forum post, a quiz or test submission, or any other instructor-evaluated activity that requires student engagement in the learning process.

Attendance Verification: Distance learning or online learning courses require each student to provide evidence of participation by completing and submitting the Attendance Verification Quiz, which must be taken during the first 5 calendar days of the semester. Student who do not submit this quiz are reported for non-attendance, will be withdrawn from the course by the Admissions Office, and will not be allowed back into the course without approval from the instructor and the Dean of Instruction. Being dropped from a course may affect the student’s financial aid.

Last Day of Attendance: The reported last day of attendance for a student who withdraws or earns a final course grade of “F” indicates the last date the student completed an academically-related activity.

How do I contact my instructor?

In canvas, find the Global Navigation Menu in the green ribbon on the left side of the screen. Use the Inbox to send and receive conversations for all courses. Most instructors prefer or require communication through the Canvas Inbox to keep all communication organized. While this is a separate system than student email, students receive notification in their student email when they receive a message in Canvas.

How do I take tests?

At least one remote proctored exam is required in each online course, and some courses require more than one. Honorlock, an online proctoring service that allows students to take exams at any time from the comfort of their homes, will proctor these exams.

Honorlock runs as a Google Chrome extension, which students must download. The extension can be uninstalled and reinstalled at any time. For each proctored exam, students must have access to a computer with the extension downloaded and installed, a working webcam and microphone, and a stable Internet connection.

Students are required to show a valid photo ID, such as a driver license or ESCC student ID. Additional requirements and guidance are provided in each class.

I’m having technical difficulties.

If you encounter any technical issues with Canvas, while logged into Canvas, find the Global Navigation Menu in the green ribbon on the left side of the screen. Click “Help” to chat live with a Canvas tech support representative.

Honorlock offers 24/7/365 technical support to assist students before, during, and after their online proctored exams. If you need any assistance, contact a Honorlock support agent by phone or live chat. During your exam, the support menu is visible on-screen, and agents are just a click away. Email support at support@honorlock.com.

If your technical issue is related to a textbook website, contact the textbook publisher or your instructor.

For issues logging into MyESCC, send an email from your student email account to ESCC’s IT Helpdesk (helpdesk@escc.edu). In addition to describing the problem, include your full name and your student number in any request your send to the Helpdesk.

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