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Coffee County

Enterprise State Community College – Wallace Hall

9 AM-12PM  Adult Education /GED – Rm 202     M, TU, & TH       Merrill/Stinson

9AM-12PM  Adult Education/literacy – Rm 208     M & W               Hart

5:30PM-8:30PM  Adult Education/GED – Rm 202    M & W           Price

9AM-12PM  English as a Second Language- Beginner Rm 208     TU & TH      Freeman

9AM-12PM  English as a Second Language- Intermediate Rm 204    TU & TH  Parrish

9AM-12PM  English as a Second Language- Advanced Rm 206    TU & TH     Rogowski

5:30PM-8:30PM  English as a Second Language- Beginner Rm 204    TU & TH   Barnes

5:30PM-8:30PM English as a Second Language- Inter/Adv Rm 206  TU & TH  Stanley

Elba Elementary School
5:30PM-8:30PM    Adult Education/GED- RM 4B           M & W      Wiggins

Christ Community Church of God
5:30PM-8:30PM    Adult Education/GED   TU & TH      Martin/Ellingwood

Johns Chapel AME
9AM-12PM            Adult Education/GED   TU & TH     Jones

Coffee County Family Service Center
5PM-8PM    Adult Education/GED      TU & TH     Stewart

Pike County

Troy/Pike Center for Technology
4pm-7pm  Adult Education/GED    M & TU    Jackson

Pike County Career Center
8am-12PM    Adult Education/GED.    TU, W, & TH       Murry

Dale County

Alabama Aviation Center (Ozark) – Steagall Building Rm 112
9AM-12PM    Adult Education/GED      M & W     Skinner

5:30PM-8:30PM    Adult Education/GED      M & W     Skinner

Ozark Housing Authority – Covin Community Center
25 Apple Circle, Ozark, AL 36360
9AM-12PM Adult Education/GED. T &amp TH

Geneva County

Geneva Middle School 
501 Panther Drive, Geneva, AL 36340
5:00PM-8:00PM       Adult Education/GED          M & T         McGowan

Samson High School
5:30PM-8:30PM       Adult Education/GED          M & W         Allen

Slocomb Public Library
5:30PM-8:30PM       Adult Education/GED          T & TH         Ellison

Enterprise State Community College

Your College, Your Future

Enterprise State Community College offers excellent academic, technical, and workforce training programs in order to prepare students for jobs that are in demand! Our faculty and staff are committed to the educational success of all ESCC students!