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High School Diploma Options Program (HSDO)

High School Diploma and hatThe Alabama Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option (HSDO) is an alternative to the GED high school equivalency, designed for students who have completed all of the required credits for graduation but failed the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE), or students who have dropped out of the traditional high school setting.

HSDO is offered through the Alabama Community College System in partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education and costs nothing for those enrolled. Students receive a traditional high school diploma from the last high school attended after completing the HSDO program.

The program provides two options:

Option 1 –  For an adult who attended an Alabama high school and earned enough credits to graduate, but did not pass the high school graduation exam.

Option 2 –  For an adult who earned 10 or more credits from an Alabama high school and requires additional credits for high school completion.



  • Participant must have all credits required to graduate from a traditional high school, or the number of credits established by the local school system that the participant last attended
  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Did not pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam


  • Participants must have all credits required to graduate from a traditional high school in Alabama
  • Minimum age of 19
  • Participants must assess on the TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education)
  • TABE Scores must be in the High Intermediate level (grade equivalency – 6.0 or higher)


How to Apply:

  1. Download the HSDO Transcript Audit Form Request and take it to the guidance counselor at the last Alabama high school attended. The guidance counselor will complete the Transcript Audit Form and send it to the Adult Education Office, along with a copy of transcripts and exit exam scores (if taken). Please contact Enterprise State Community College Adult Education at 334-347-2623 ext. 2218. 
  1. Once the official high school transcript and accompanying Transcript Audit Form is received for the student (preferably in electronic format from the high school/school system; however, an official transcript may be accepted as long as it is in a sealed envelope and contains the school seal), the program director can then determine the student’s eligibility for the HSDO Program under Option 1 or Option 2.

For a list of frequently asked questions regarding the High School Diploma Options Program, click HERE.

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