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3D modeling and simulation is the hands-on approach to AutoCAD and other software that is commonly used for a variety of technical support in several different industries. AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) program that workers use to create and draft 2D and 3D design.

You learn the fundamentals of producing 3D images used in modeling and simulation environments when you study 3D modeling and simulation. You can complete a short-term certificate program in less than a year at Enterprise State. Both the certification and degree can help you land jobs in several different industries such as animation, video gaming, construction, drafting and design, medicine, education, and government. The military is a significant employer of workers who are trained in 3D modeling and simulation.

3D Modeling



Quite a bit of your job will depend on your ability to effectively turn plans and ideas into actual illustrations and animations.


You need to be able to focus in on the smallest details as well as the larger ones so that your efforts are accurate.

Time Management

Hours can already be long in studio and game design, but when you are creative, it is easy to lose track of time or get off-task. You should be willing to work efficiently and respect deadlines.

What jobs
can I get?

Opportunities are endless when you train to work in 3D modeling and simulation. Many workers are multimedia artists and animators, drafters, industrial designers, fashion designers, or video game designers. Many others work in the military or other government agencies to draft plans.

What type of work
do the jobs consist of?

Workers in 3D modeling and simulations use computer programs and illustrations to create graphics and animation. You may research projects to help create realistic designs or animations. You can also develop storyboards that map out key scenes in an animation.

While quite a bit of time is spent inside an office, you may have to visit project sites and meet with clients away from your computer and office in order to produce the projects for your job.

What’s the career
growth potential?

Multimedia artists and animators earned about $61,370 on average in 2017. Animators working in computer systems design earn $58,950 mid-career. A 6% growth rate is predicted for multimedia artist and animated jobs over the next decade.1

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1Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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