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Are you an artist? Do you like computers? If you like both of these, then this is the major for you. It’s the best of both worlds since it combines the two! Our program offers students a chance to begin a rewarding profession in a field they are passionate about.

While at Enterprise State Community College, you will learn how to use the latest hardware and Adobe Creative Suite software to create images to fit your whim. You will learn how to use the software in the same way that you will use it when you begin your career. You will receive hands-on experience so that you can have a ready portfolio to show your work when you begin applying for potential positions. In addition to the programs and software experience, you will gain, you will be trained in the design of traditional media as well as computer media.

Computer Graphics



You must be able to think outside of the box to create something that is unique.


Designing something may take time, whether that be a few hours to a few days or longer. You must have the patience to complete it at the level needed instead of the level that it may appear to be if you were to rush through the commission.


As you will be talking with clients, you must be able to communicate clearly with each other. You want to be able to understand exactly what they are wanting.


Clients will need work to be completed by a certain time. You must be able to meet those deadlines.


Designing something takes a lot of detail. Some designs will require more than others. You want to be able to present a perfect design, not one that is missing something significantly small that you overlooked.


Without passion, your designs will not be as good as they could be.

What jobs
can I get?

Computer graphics training opens many doors for you. Possible positions include working on multimedia for television stations, designing advertisements, web development, and graphic design. There are several other positions that you would be prepared for because of this program.

What type of work
do the jobs consist of?

If you choose to be a Graphic Designer, then you can expect to create and design illustrations, graphics, and layouts prepare sketches of designs and collaborate with clients on what is needed. You will also need to stay up-to-date on all new software so that you might be able to use the newest and best software for your work.

Do you want to be a Web Developer? You can expect to have your hands full. You will, of course, build and design websites. In addition to that though, you may have to update websites, communicate with fellow personnel regarding information and duties, create server directory trees, develop databases, and more!

Ready to explore television and press? You can be a Prepress Technician and/or Worker. In this position, you would make sure that everything is ready for release, much as a pilot would check the plane prior to departure. You may be proofing a written piece for errors and for the font. Maintaining records and equipment would also fall under your supervision. Of course, don’t forget about the design of the setup for the pages and pieces to be printed.

Are you wanting to be more artistic in your career? You could become a Multimedia Artist and Animator. In this position, you would be creating more images and designs using the software. While you would have more of an artistic approach in this position, you would still have to handle business-type things as well. You may have to take care of the budgeting and scheduling in addition to creating presentations and brochures.

What’s the career
growth potential?

This is a highly growing field, thanks to how our world and daily lives have become highly dependent on technology. Graphic designers can earn as much as $59,246 per year. A highly experienced web developer can earn up to $73,070 per year. If a Prepress Technician or Worker is the path you choose, you have the opportunity to make up to $51,570 per year depending upon your experience. An experienced Multimedia Artist and Animator usually makes up to $50,445 per year.

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Dr. Ken Thomas – Department Chair
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Email: kthomas@escc.edu

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