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Want to be a hacker…a legal one, that is? If so, this is the program for you. Computer & Information Science involves coding and using information technology to its fullest potential.

At Enterprise State Community College, we provide the skills, training and credentials needed for you to dive into your highly prosperous profession in Computer & Information Science. In our program, we will teach you about repairing hardware, cybersecurity, programming, and more. For coding, we teach you how to use a multitude of software. Java, C#, Android App Development Software, SQL, Linux/Unix, and Microsoft Server 2012 are just a handful of the software that we teach you to utilize. At the end of your studies at ESCC, you should be prepared to take your certification exams for CompTIA and (ISC)².

Computer Information Science



You must be able to think creatively, as though any problem is a puzzle. You have to think of how to fix it, whether it requires a new “piece” of code or a simple “turn” or “flip” of a line of coding.


You must be able to analyze situations and problems quickly, and then correct it.


You must be able to decide on a course of action when something does not go according to plan.


Due to the fact that you will be communicating with people that utilize customers and coworkers who use your services, you must be able to communicate clearly with them via oral or written communication.

What jobs
can I get?

There are several different jobs in the information technology field. A few that this program specifically prepares you for are programming, network engineering, and an information security analyst.

What type of work
do the jobs consist of?

If you choose to become a programmer, you can look forward to a career full of creating and analyzing programs. Of course, if you write a new program, you will have to test it and adjust it as needed to correct any errors or issues. Additionally, you may be updating and maintaining software that is already in place. You may even have to create reports and documentation to explain how to use the program, why the software program is needed, and the purpose of the software.

Do you think a network engineer is more for you? If so, your job duties may include your checking on and recommending system security measures, finding and correcting network problems, creating related documentation and reports, researching and testing new products, installing new hardware or software, and more. You may even have to maintain the hardware and software which is already in place.

Does cybersecurity interest you? If your heart is set on an Information Security Analyst position, you will have to deal with safeguarding a system’s security and encrypting data. You may have to create reports and documentation regarding issues and breaches.

Each of these positions will keep you involved with others. You may have to communicate with colleagues in order to make sure that any problem you encounter is fixed and will not happen again.

What’s the career
growth potential?

Once your foot is in the door, you will have excellent job security and the option to climb the ladder within the field. This field is in high demand since more and more of our lives are becoming rooted in technology. While it is already at its peak demand over the last few years, it is expected for the demand to continue climbing in the years to come.

The average salary for a network engineer is $77,810. Meanwhile, the average salary for programmers is $79,530. Even higher than those two is an information security analyst working in cybersecurity with an average salary of $86,609.

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