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Computer programming is exactly that; you program computers and programs to fit your needs. That may mean just editing software or computer programs. On the other hand, that may mean creating and designing a whole new program to fit your needs if the existing programs don’t fit your needs.

At Enterprise State Community College, you will be taught to design, develop, test, and document programs. Several of the programming languages that you will receive hands-on training in include C#, Java, Ruby-on-Rails, Google Go and Swift. You will also be taught how to use MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Java NetBeans. Beyond the programs and languages that you will be taught, you will also learn several key skills for your future in Computer Programming. You will learn how to think critically and logically and solve problems.

Computer Programming



You will need to be able to figure out why things don’t work as they should when you are testing your work. After finding the issue, you must then find the solution.


Often, you will be working alone. You will need to be able to work without others and be able to keep yourself on task.


Every detail is important, even the tiny period that might be forgotten.


Sometimes, you will need to think outside of the box in order to find a solution.


As you are programming, you will have to be able to stay calm and keep working on the program or system if your first, second, or fifth attempt at a solution is incorrect.

What jobs
can I get?

This field is vaster than one would think. In ComputerProgramming, you often have the choice of becoming a Software or Applications Developer, a Computer and Information Systems Manager, or a Computer Programmer. Each of these positions deal with computer programming in their own respects.

What type of work
do the jobs consist of?

If you want to become a Software and Applications Developer, your daily tasks may involve meeting with colleagues to find out the needs that the program being designed needs to fulfill, managing and updating software, and designing systems. You may have to set system standards into place and manage, update, and install needed software. Maintaining data reports may also fall under your responsibilities.

Want to have more of a managerial position? If you want to be a Computer and Information Systems Manager, you will have more managerial type duties to complete, in addition to the computer programming. You may have to meet with colleagues, manage the daily operations of your department, and assign daily tasks and projects to employees. You may even have to hire and train employees. While doing these managerial type duties, you will still have to step in and provide technology support and stay up-to-date on technology.

A computer programmer focuses on exactly what their title depicts. They deal strictly with computer programs.They write and review programs and software. While reviewing the software, if they should find mistakes or errors, they must rewrite the software to correct those errors. Additionally, they must write documentation and instruction manuals of their software so that others can use it.

What’s the career
growth potential?

Computers and their technology is a growing field today.This is mainly due to the fact that everything in our lives is becoming more and more dependent upon technology.For Software Developers, they will normally make around $53,092 per year when they first start off. Applications Developers will typically begin at $88,266 per year. A new worker for Computer and Information Systems Managers will have a salary that typically starts at $71,166, while the yearly average for a Computer & Information Systems Manager will earn as much as $118,196. The average salary for a Computer Programmer is $84,878, while a programmer just starting off will start at $49,710.

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