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With increased oversight from more and more regulations for businesses and industries, it is important that companies have a dedicated team to help manage operations and reduce technology risks. Information Security & Assurance is a field in which professionals assist companies with cyber security, shared services and outsourcing, IT-enabled transformation, business intelligence and IT strategy and performance.

You will study for certifications in Information Security & Assurance at ESCC. You can also obtain an associate degree in the field. The training at ESCC will give you a solid foundation in understanding financial systems and identifying weaknesses in systems and networks, as well as show you how to create action plans that prevent security breaches in technology.

Upon completion of the AAS degree in CIS – Information Security and Assurance at Enterprise State Community College, students will be able to:

1. Design, troubleshoot, and secure networks
2.Evaluate and mitigate cybersecurity risks
3. Plan for and recover from IT incidents
4. Design and secure processes
5. Monitor and secure hybrid networks


ESCC’s Computer Information Science (Information Security and Assurance Option) Associate in Applied Science prepares students to enter the workforce with a solid foundation in cybersecurity. The computer information science (CIS) department works with the IT industry, IT academies, and partners to provide students with experiential projects, simulated labs, and IT certifications. The CIS department works with the following organizations:


ESCC was designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) through the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) program in August 2023. The NCAE-C program is managed by the National Security Agency, and housed within NSA’s schoolhouse, the National Cryptologic University. The National Cryptologic University designs, develops and delivers curriculum in cryptology, cybersecurity, language and leadership to members of the intelligence Community.

IT Auditing and Assurance



You will need to carefully study computer systems and networks to assess risks and determine what protocols can be improved.


You should be able to pay careful attention to even minor changes in IT performance.


You must be good at predicting potential threats on information security risks and be able to implement new ways to protect your organization’s computer systems and networks.

What jobs
can I get?

IT auditors and information security analysts work in several different settings such as security firms, banks, accounting firms, insurance agencies, education, and the federal government. IT auditors may also work in technology solutions firms which specialize in IT auditing and assurance.

What type of work
do the jobs consist of?

As an IT auditor, you will be knowledgeable of IT trends in order to give knowledgeable advice on information system audits or assessments. You should be able to manage projects without supervision and be able to manage various security projects at one time.

Understanding accounting and finance is important to anIT auditor and assurance position. Not only will you be in charge of keeping financial data safe at companies, but you will also be responsible for finding discrepancies.

What’s the career
growth potential?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average income for information security analysts nationwide at $95,510! The lowest 10% of workers in the field earned $55,560. The number of workers in information security is 28%, which is much higher than the average job growth for all occupations.1

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Email: jnelson@escc.edu

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1Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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