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General Studies


Enterprise State Community College’s English & Communication Division provides education and training in the written and spoken word that will open social, cultural, and career doors for our students. The program is designed to enhance the fluency of students in written and spoken English, to broaden their understanding of their literary heritage, and to provide opportunities for personal growth and occupational preparation and advancement.

The division provides the cornerstone of a college education, offering freshman and sophomore courses in speech, applied writing, composition, and literature, as well as courses in developmental English/reading.  The specific courses offered by our division are Speech 106 (Fundamentals of Oral Communication), Speech 107 (Fundamentals of Public Speaking), Mass Communication, English 092 (Basic English I), ENR 094 (Integrated Reading and Writing), English 131 (Applied Writing), English 101, English 102, American Literature I & II, British Literature I & II, and World Literature I & II.

The division has seven full-time instructors (five English, one speech, one English/speech) dedicated to helping students learn to effectively communicate in a variety of settings. In addition to their work as educators, our instructors are actively engaged in ESCC life, holding a variety of responsibilities outside of teaching (club sponsors, committees, Director of CASE).


Enterprise State Community College’s Fine Arts Division provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to find their creative voice.

The Fine Arts Division

The Fine Arts Division boasts a highly-qualified and very creative faculty in Art, Music and Theatre. Our faculty members are featured in art gallery shows, special community events, plays and musical concerts throughout the area. The ESCC Band is a creative outlet for instrumentalists of all ages and is open to the community. The ESCC Concert Choir is open to the community as well as to ESCC students and performs regularly for Division concerts as well as community events. The ESCC Players, our theatre troupe, also brings in members of the community for exciting, full-scale theatrical productions. The award-winning ESCC Entertainers Show Choir performs across the state, representing the Fine Arts Division and the College exceptionally well at numerous community functions.


Under social sciences, we teach psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, criminal justice, childhood development, and more. Master Student classes also fall under this division. This course is designed to help freshmen adjust to college life, to make the most of their education experience, and to succeed as a college student.


The mission of the Enterprise State Community College Mathematics Department is to provide an educational experience in mathematics that helps students prepare for successful roles in an ever changing society. This will be accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum, and a supportive environment for all our students.

To support this mission we will be committed to professional development, updating the curriculum, making real world connections, and incorporating technology. We will employ an assortment of assessment techniques, provide a variety of teaching styles, and maintain an intervention plan for students that might be having difficulty.

Students will be challenged to develop skills in analysis, reasoning, creativity, collaborative learning, and self-expression as they gain knowledge of mathematics. We will maintain high academic and behavioral expectations and try to make every classroom minute count. Efforts will be made to direct students to realize their full potential.


Our Science Division has an excellent reputation. Courses in this division are taken by pre-engineers, pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, and nursing majors, etc. We teach three semesters of general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and calculus based physics. We also teach biology, human anatomy, and microbiology.

Biology, the scientific study of living things, includes a broad spectrum of fascinating fields. The Principles of Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology are the courses that students can pursue with the biology faculty at ESCC. An important mode of teaching by faculty in the Biology Department is laboratory instruction, wherein active learning by students occurs at the lab bench under faculty supervision. These active learning experiences develop the skills that are invaluable for the many careers in biology.

Physics is the basic physical science. It deals with such things as mechanics (force, energy, motion), sound, heat, light, electricity, and atomic structure. In college physics we are concerned not so much with what is but rather with why it is so. In fact, physics has been described as the science of “why things work”. It is studied mainly by three groups: (1) premedical students, (2) students of engineering, physics, and other sciences; and (3) those who study it for its cultural value.

Chemistry is the central science with links to biology, medicine, geology, physics, mathematics, materials science and other disciplines. Chemistry is the science most concerned with our everyday needs such as the development of new materials, the synthesis and action of new drugs, and the monitoring and improvement of the environment. Chemistry appeals to people with logical but at the same time intuitive minds. Chemistry graduates, with their wide range of background, training in logical thought and numerical skills have an excellent starting point for careers in research and teaching, and they are in demand for careers in industry, commerce, management, the city and government.

Enterprise State Community College

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Enterprise State Community College offers excellent academic, technical, and workforce training programs in order to prepare students for jobs that are in demand! Our faculty and staff are committed to the educational success of all ESCC students!