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AMT – Powerplant Technology

Powerplant certification gives aviation maintenance professionals an in-demand credential that can open doors to higher earnings and greater career possibilities. Enterprise State Community College’s Alabama Aviation Center provides industry-relevant training that allows students to quickly earn this important Federal Aviation Administration certification.

Alabama Aviation Center students typically take powerplant certification classes as part of a program that includes general aviation maintenance courses and courses intended to also help students obtain airframe certification. The powerplant portion of this program typically comes after general and airframe coursework. This allows students to focus on the two main segments of the program – airframe certification and powerplant certification – one at a time. Students with general aviation maintenance and airframe education or experience may choose to take powerplant certification courses alone. Coursework for the combined program takes less than two years to complete.

The powerplant program consists of six courses provides students with training concerning the theory, construction and operation of aircraft reciprocating engines and the physical laws and characteristics governing propeller operation. Lab work in the program provides students with hands-on experience in inspecting, installing, removing and troubleshooting and repairing aircraft engines.

The Alabama Aviation Center’s powerplant program has a solid track record of success. According to the FAA, in 2015 100 percent of Alabama Aviation Center students that attempted FAA certification passed their exams on the first attempt. FAA information also shows that Alabama Aviation Center Students outperform the national average score in general, airframe and powerplant subject matters.

Aviation maintenance is a growing career field with many local opportunities to obtain gainful employment with wage growth opportunities. Aircraft maintenance technician pay for entry level positions ranges from between $15 to $23 per hour. Certifications help aircraft maintenance technicians obtain higher pay and more career opportunities.

Enterprise State Community College offers students a dependable path to challenging, good-paying jobs in the aviation maintenance field, making it well worth their time and tuition dollars.  Inquire today to learn more about Alabama Aviation Center locations, class schedules and other program details.

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