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Traffic and Parking

On-campus Parking Regulations

The College provides designated on-campus parking areas to accommodate as many vehicles as possible. Certain rules and regulations are necessary to assure maximum utilization of these areas. The use of an automobile on campus is considered a privilege, not a right. The following regulations have been established for everyone’s safety:

  1. STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF must register their vehicles and must park in their designated areas, Monday-Friday. The types of campus parking zones are as follows:
    A. Visitors
    B. Faculty/Staff (Permit Required)
    C. Handicapped (Permit Required)
    D. Students (Permit Required)
    E. No Parking Zones
    (Parking areas in front of the Enterprise Campus’ Wallace Hall are reserved for employees, visitors, and persons with a disability.)
  2. FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS may not, without authority, excuse citations or give students permission to use faculty/staff areas.
  4. TRAFFIC SIGNS must be obeyed.
  5. SPEED ON CAMPUS ROADS is limited to 20 m.p.h. and in parking lots to 10 m.p.h. Any speed not safe for conditions of the road, including vehicular and pedestrian congestion, is prohibited.
  6. ALL PARKING lots are “one way” traffic.
  7. ALL PARKING will conform to marked-off areas. All parallel parking will be within 12 inches of the curb.
  8. DRIVING OR PARKING on the grass (except dirt parking lots, baseball or softball fields), sidewalks or crosswalks or parking on yellow curbing is prohibited. Yellow curbs are either “RESERVED” or “NO PARKING” zones.
  9. DOUBLE PARKING is prohibited at all times.
  10. PARKING ON OR OVER a line or curb is prohibited.
  11. MOTORISTS MUST YIELD to pedestrians in designated crosswalks.
  12. VEHICLES ARE NOT to be left on location after school hours without first notifying Campus Security.
  13. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT LEAVE purses, radar detectors, books, stereos, or other valuables clearly visible in unattended vehicles, and vehicles should be LOCKED. (DON’T FORGET YOUR KEYS.) Magnetically mounted antennas should be removed, and all easily accessible items should be locked in the trunk of the automobile for safekeeping. All valuables left in the vehicle are the responsibility of the owner and the College is not responsible for such items.

Each violation will result in a citation, and a fine may be assessed. Any individual who wishes to appeal a parking ticket shall submit an appeal form to the Dean of Finance and Administration office within five (5) school days of the citation; otherwise, the right of appeal is waived.

Individuals shall have their appeals processed within thirty (30) days of the date of the citation. The time for appealing a traffic/parking citation is Monday–Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. or Friday, 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. All appeals are reviewed by the Dean of Finance and Administration. All appeal decisions shall be submitted to the individual in writing.


All fines are $15.00. All traffic and parking fines are to be paid at the campus, site, center, or facility Business Office between 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m., Monday–Thursday, 7:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m., Friday. All fines are payable within five (5) school days from the date of citation. Failure to pay fines may result in transcripts being withheld and further enrollment denied. The following violations may receive a fine:

  1. failing to obey officer/signal,
  2. disregarding stop sign,
  3. unauthorized parking in handicapped area,
  4. unauthorized parking in faculty/staff area,
  5. parking over line,
  6. parking in no parking zone/yellow curb,
  7. traveling wrong way in one-way traffic,
  8. exceeding speed limit,
  9. student parking decals not being placed on the drivers side in the rear of the vehicle (Chief of College Police will assist directing where decals should be placed),
  10. failing to yield right of way, and
  11. other violations.


Security can be contacted on the Enterprise Campus by dialing (334) 447-7564 Ext. 2277 or (334) 447-6555. Security will not unlock doors or charge dead batteries. Security on the Ozark Campus can be contacted by dialing (334) 447-2154. Security on the Albertville and Andalusia locations may be reached through the respective directors.

For general security questions, contact the Chief Jeff Spence office at (334) 347-2623, ext. 2344.

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