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The Enterprise State Community College Bookstore, operated by BBA Corp, offers the ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program to students. This program allows students to get their textbooks at a much lower price than when textbooks are purchased. Instead of paying a high price for textbooks that are used for a single semester, students can rent them directly from the bookstore for a discounted rate. The textbook rental rate is $25 per credit hour and will be billed to each student’s account at registration.


Upon registering for courses, you will be automatically enrolled into the program. The textbook fee will be automatically billed to your account with tuition and other fees.


Prior to picking up materials, payment for tuition and fees must be made or financial aid must be authorized on your student account.


Materials will be ready for pickup from the bookstore approximately 2 weeks before classes start. Shipping is available for an additional charge.



What is the ALL-IN Textbook Rental Program?

The ALL-IN program is a textbook rental program designed to reduce the high cost of purchasing textbooks.

Are all courses or programs included in the ALL-IN Program?

All ESCC academic courses are included as long as a textbook or online access code is required for the course.  Aviation, Avionics, Mechatronics, Paramedic and Nursing courses are excluded from the ALL-IN Program since students typically keep materials for the entire program length and do not change each semester.

How do I enroll in the ALL-IN Program?

Students will be automatically enrolled in the program once they are registered for eligible courses.

How much does the ALL-IN Program cost?

The fee will be $25 per credit hour and billed directly to your student account. The average ESCC course is 3 credit hours making the textbook fee for that course would be $75. For students taking a 12-hour course load, the textbook fee would total $300.

Does my Financial Aid cover the ALL-IN Program rental fee?

If textbooks are covered under your financial aid, the ALL-IN fee will be covered as well.  Currently only Post 9/11, Chapter 33 is not covered.

Is participation required for the ALL-IN Program?

No, however, ESCC recommends that any eligible student remain in the program to take advantage of the significant textbook savings.

How do I opt-out of the ALL-IN Program?

ESCC does NOT recommend students opt-out of the program.  If you choose to opt-out you will be required to complete an online form requesting to opt-out of the program.  Opt-out only applies to the current semester and you will be automatically enrolled for the ALL-IN Program the following semester when you register for classes.

When can I opt-out of the ALL-IN Program?

Starting 14 days before the first day of class, you can opt-out by going to escc.edu/bookstore and clicking the Opt-Out Form.  The deadline to opt-out will be the last day of regular drop/add.

Can I opt-out if I have picked up my materials from the bookstore?

No.  Once you have picked up your materials from the bookstore you will not be able to opt-out of the program.

I dropped or added a class. What now?

Return your materials for the dropped class to the bookstore and fees will be adjusted to your student account accordingly.  If you drop a class and enroll in a different class, the bookstore will swap the required materials so that you have what is needed.

Please keep in mind the deadlines to drop a class for the fee adjustment if you are not enrolling in a new class.

Can I return my materials if I withdraw from all classes?

Yes, after withdrawing you will have 48 hours to return your materials to the bookstore. If you do not return the materials, we will be charging the remaining balance to “buy out” the book (the total cost of the book minus the rental fee already paid with tuition).  If we cannot collect the balance, we will turn the balance over to collections at the end of the fiscal year.

What materials are included in the program?

All required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and digital textbooks are included in the program.

What materials not excluded from the program?

Consumables that are not eligible for return such as specialty kits.

Do I have to return my rented materials or can I keep them?

In order to keep our program fee cost effective for all students, any rented materials MUST be returned by the last day of finals for that semester.

If you want to keep your materials at the end of the semester you can “buy out” your rental by paying the remaining balance (the total cost of the book minus the rental fee already paid with tuition).

When and how do I return my rentals?

The deadline to return all rental materials is the last day of finals for the current semester they are rented in.  Reminders will be sent out about the rental deadline.

After the last day to return rentals, late fees will apply for one week.  One week past the due date, we will be charging the remaining balance to “buy out” the book (the total cost of the book minus the rental fee already paid with tuition).  If we cannot collect the balance, we will turn the balance over to collections at the end of the fiscal year.

What if I never pick up my books?

If you do not opt-out of the program by the opt-out deadline, the fee will still be charged to your student account.

What if I have more questions?

Additional questions can be directed to Lewie Thompson, lthompson@escc.edu

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