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If you have not yet applied for admission, please see the Steps to Apply.

New students and readmission students who have not attended within the past 18 months must begin by logging into the MyESCC portal. You will be asked to provide three security questions and answers and change your password. You must use your ESCC email address (first initial of your first name, full last name, and the first four numbers of your date of birth @student.escc.edu) and your date of birth in the format !ESCCmmddyy for your initial login credentials. After changing your password upon your initial login, you will log in with your ESCC email address and newly changed MyESCC portal password moving forward.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will have access to log into MyESCC to:

Online Payments

  1. Sign in to your Account:
    Username: ESCC email address
    Password: !ESCCmmddyy (6-digit birthday)
  2. Choose Student Landing Page
  3. Choose to make payments, deposits, and payment plans
  4. Choose Make Payment
    **Please be sure you choose the correct term you wish to make a payment for and NOT the current account balance as it can contain balances for multiple terms.

If you have questions about online payments, email lthompson@escc.edu or call the Business Office at 334-347-2623 ext 2212.

Direct Deposits

  1. Sign in to your student account:
    Username: ESCC student email address
    Password: !ESCCmmddyy (6-digit birthday)
  2. Click Student and choose Student Landing Page
  3.  Choose Make Payments, Deposits, and Payment Plans
  4. Choose Refunds (top left) or Electronic Refunds (bottom right)
  5. Set up 2-factor authentication
  6. Click Set up a new account in the direct deposit box and follow the instructions

**You will need a checking or savings account with routing and bank account numbers (debit/credit cards will not work for direct deposit).

If you need to reset your 2-factor authentication or have trouble with setting up direct deposit, email lthompson@escc.edu or call the Business office at 334-347-2623 ext 2212.


From the MyESCC portal, you will also have access to log into OneACCS Banner Self Service. You must use your ESCC email address as your Username and your MyESCC Portal Password as your password.

You will have access to do the following, once logged into OneACCS Banner Self Service:

  • Register for classes
  • Drop and add classes during the Drop/Add period
  • Pay Tuition
  • Request ESCC transcripts
  • Request enrollment verifications
  • Apply to graduate

Still have questions? We have answers!


Q: What is BANNER or OneACCS?

A: Banner is an integrated student information system, similar to your current student portal, that gives you 24-HOUR ACCESS to your student accounts. “OneACCS” is the name of the Banner system that will be used across all of Alabama’s community colleges by Fall 2020.

Q: When does all this happen?

A: You will have access to OneACCS in different phases. If you have applied for financial aid, your first access to OneACCS will happen in mid-April. If you did not apply for financial aid, you should have full access to OneACCS in the summer. Until then, you will continue to use your current student portal.

Q: Why should I care?

A: Your current student portal will become “OneACCS Student Self-Service” very soon! We’ll provide you with updated information on how to access OneACCS so you will be up-to-date on all your student communications.

Q: Will I use my same student ID?

A: NO. Your login and your student identification number will change. Your new student number will begin with an “A.” You will receive your new student identification number and will be given a default password.

Q: What kinds of things can I do in OneACCS?

A: All things related to your student account! You will be able to register for classes, view financial aid documents, pay for classes, check grades, order transcripts, and more.

Q: Who will I ask if I need more help?

A: Constantly check your student email, connect with your academic advisor, and watch or social media for more information.


Q: What is BANNER or OneACCS?

A: Banner is an integrated student information system that will replace Alliant (AS400) as your principal college database. The Banner system’s name for Alabama’s community colleges is “OneACCS.”

Q: When do I start using one ACCS?

A: You will have access to OneACCS in different phases depending on your division (HR, Payroll, Student Services, etc.). As with any large technology transition, we can only provide blocks of time, versus exact dates, of when the phases will be fully operational. Please connect with your Functional Team Lead on campus for specific information.

Q: Why is this important to me?

A: EVERY college process, including faculty and staff HR records and direct deposit, student services such as admissions, registration, payments for classes, financial aid, grading, recruiting, transcripts, disability services, and more will be handled in OneACCS. Your Employee ID number will also change. It will begin with an “A.”

Q: How will I learn the new system?

A: Beginning in April, OneACCS trainings for faculty and staff will take place across three centralized locations (Jefferson State, Lurleen B. Wallace, and the System Office). Please continue to check your email and other communications regarding dates and times.

Q: What should I tell students about this change?

A: Students need to know that OneACCS will be in place for 24-hour access to “all things Student” by Fall 2020, including registration, financial aid, grades, payments and more. They will use their current student portal for the summer semester.

Q: Who will I ask if I need more help?

A: Constantly check your email, connect with your functional team lead, or contact your college’s public information officer for more information.

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