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Are you a highly motivated high school student with a 3.0 or better grade point average who would like to earn college credit while still attending high school? Enterprise State can assist you in getting started now with earning credits toward your college degree.

Enterprise State offers high school students who meet the requirements the opportunity to take courses for college credit while still enrolled in high school.  Credit earned as an accelerated student will not meet the requirements for high school graduation.  For credit that will count towards high school graduation and college credit, you may be interested in dual enrollment opportunities.

If you are interested in starting your college experience early, discuss your plans with your high school counselor to determine what is the best solution for your needs.

Talk with your high school counselor to determine classes you may take for accelerated college credit.


Required Admission Documentation:

  • ESCC Dual Enrollment Application
  • Statement of Eligibility for Dual Enrollment for Dual Credit/Authorization for Release of Records (Must be signed by Counselor and Parent to be complete)
  • Copy of current photo ID (Current driver’s license/permit or State issued non-driver ID or current passport. Military ID’s can no longer be accepted) In the absence of an Alabama driver’s license or state-issued ID card, a student may provide a certified copy of their birth certificate to establish U.S. citizenship and a printout of the student information profile sheet from iNow signed and dated by their high school principal to establish current residency and identification. The profile sheet must show the student’s home address and include the student’s photo.
  • Copy of current high school transcript (showing qualifying GPA)
  • Copy of ACT or SAT scores or complete the College placement test (Accuplacer)


A high school student is eligible for Accelerated Credit if all the following criteria are met:

  • Have successfully completed the 10th grade
  • Have a cumulative (unweighted) high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Meet the admission requirements of the College for the academic or career technical program selected
  • Provide a completed Accelerated Credit Application (along with all required documentation)
  • Provide current high school transcript as documentation of the student’s cumulative grade average
  • Provide the Statement of Eligibility for Dual Enrollment for Accelerated Credit /Authorization for Release of Records (with required signatures)
  • Provide ACT or SAT scores or take the College placement test to determine placement in English, and math courses and meet pre-requisites for all approved course at the ESCC

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