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Enterprise State Community College recognizes and supports the rights of free expression and speech and supports the rights of students, employees, and visitors to speak in public and to demonstrate for or against actions and opinions with which they agree or disagree.

The College encourages persons demonstrative and/or speaking to demonstrate civility, show concern for the safety of persons and property, respect for College activities and for those who may disagree with their message.

In order to maintain safety, security, ensure the orderly scheduling of campus facilities, and to preclude conflicts with academic and co-curricular activities, Enterprise State Community College encourages users to complete the Expressive Activities Request form when planning to hold a demonstration, speech, or debate on campus. Demonstrations, speeches, and debates to be held in the Open Air Forum are limited to times and dates that the College is officially open.

Expressive Activities Policy

The Office of the Dean of Students will notify persons, agencies, or organizations in writing, including electronic notification, of the reservation denial or approval by the Office of the Dean of Students. Permission is subject to the Expressive Activities Policy and the College’s rules and regulations.

Expressive Activities Request Form

If you would like to reserve usage of the Open Air Forum, please complete the Expressive Activities Request Form. You will need to read our Expressive Activities Policy prior to submitting the form.

If you would like to reserve usage of the Open Air Forum

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