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Apply for ESCC’s Math Boot Camp Today!

ESCC Math Boot Camp is a non-credit, FREE, web-based math preparation program for incoming freshman or current Weevil students to help improve their math placement test scores or re-teach skills needed for starting math classes in the Fall. The Bootcamp will be open from June 20 through July 31.


The ESCC Math Boot Camp will help students review concepts ranging from Real Number operations to Radical Expressions to Functions and Graphs, basically concepts needed to be successful in MTH 098, MTH 100, MTH 110, and even MTH 112.

While the ESCC Math Boot Camp is a web-based program, students who participate in the Boot Camp will have access to an instructor on lab days and will check in on students to help them stay on course, whether virtually or on campus. Students will be provided with Prep Course Software that will allow them to practice concepts on a customized learning path after completing an initial knowledge check. This will allow students to work at their own pace and on concepts/skills that are specific to areas of concern for that individual.

What are the benefits of taking the Math Boot Camp?
•Save Money: Taking Fewer Courses costs LESS Money
•Save Time: The fewer classes students take, the sooner they may graduate!
•Better Prepared: Students who take the bootcamp should feel more confident in their math course when starting in the Fall

Who is eligible to take the Math Boot Camp?
Anyone! The Math Boot Camp is to help students who are incoming Freshmen, struggling college math students, or students returning to school. This will be a great opportunity to review math concepts and ensure that you are better prepared when starting your college math courses in the Fall semester.

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