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Aviation Maintenance Foundations

Alabama has long had a strong aviation industry thanks to military and civilian investment in the area. Enterprise State Community College helps provide a skilled workforce for this vital industry through its Alabama Aviation Center, home of one of the strongest aviation maintenance programs in the country.

ESCC’s aviation maintenance program prepares students to enter or accelerate careers in repairing and maintaining aircraft. The two-year associate’s degree program provides students with general aviation maintenance training, then delves deeper into the field by providing coursework and practical experience students need to gain airframe maintenance and powerplant certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The airframe program teaches students how to inspect and maintain airframe structures, including those made of metal, wood, composites, and other materials. There’s emphasis on welding in the program, as well as practical experience in the lab.

The powerplant program teaches students about the physics and practical aspects of aircraft engines. Students learn to troubleshoot, install, and maintain aircraft engines and also learn about aircraft propellers and their maintenance.

The Alabama Aviation Center has a stunning track record of success for its programs. According to the FAA, in 2015, 100 percent of Alabama Aviation Center students that attempted FAA certification passed their exams on the first attempt. FAA information also shows that Alabama Aviation Center Students outperform the national average score in general, airframe, and powerplant subject matters.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians earn a median wage of $28.07 per hour. Entry-level technicians in this area can expect to earn between $15 and $23 per hour.

If you have a talent for mechanical applications and a passion for aircraft, this program can provide the skills needed for a career that will allow you to travel anywhere in the world or earn a great living here at home.

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