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General Aviation Technology

Enterprise State Community College’s Aviation Maintenance Foundations Short-Term Certificate program gives students the training they need to obtain important federal certifications required for career advancement in the aviation maintenance industry.

The program is designed to quickly prepare people already working in the industry to take and pass Federal Aviation Administration exams for airframe and powerplant mechanics. To qualify to take the exams, individuals must have 18 months of work experience as either an airframe or powerplant maintenance technician, 30 months combined experience documented on an FAA Form 8610-2 and an endorsement by an FAA inspector, or complete an airframe of powerplant training program at an FAA approved Part 147 training institution such as ESCC’s Alabama Aviation Center.

The short-term certificate program gives students the theoretical and practical experience they need to advance their careers in a fast-paced and changing profession.

Entry level jobs in the aircraft maintenance technician field pay about $15 to $23 per hour locally. With certification, aircraft maintenance technicians can pursue opportunities here or at air maintenance facilities around the world.

Certification provides aircraft maintenance technicians with greater job security and career advancement opportunities. With just a small investment of time and money at the Alabama Aviation Center, workers can secure their future in this profession.

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