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The purpose of the intramural sports program is to provide an opportunity for students to participate in selected individual, dual, and team sports. Intramurals provide enjoyment and physical recreation during students’ college careers, contribute to student’s physical well-being, improve recreational skills for leisure time use in adult life, and aid in the development of sound emotional and social qualities. Participation is voluntary and all students are invited to take part.

Wellness Center

Enterprise State Community College offers a healthy life plan for students through its comprehensive Wellness Center. A state of physical, mental, and emotional health is something everyone desires and ESCC’s Wellness Center gives that help and support needed to develop a plan that promotes total wellness.

Students must first enroll in the Wellness (HED 226) course. In this course, students receive complete health factor assessments to develop their individual wellness plans which include a wide range of options. This assessment evaluates major components of fitness and includes an analysis of health risks, nutrition, body composition, flexibility, aerobic fitness, weight, blood pressure, and strength. This course is based on the six areas of the Surgeon General’s Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: high blood pressure control, smoking control, alcohol, and drug misuse prevention, improved nutrition, physical fitness and exercise, and control of stress.

The Wellness Center programs and activities will be made available during the day and evening. Hours will be determined by needs and will be posted each quarter. Activities include: dance aerobics, aquatic exercise, weight training, jogging, walking, team sports, retirement adjustment, controlling weight, managing stress, improving nutrition and diet, improving self-esteem, stopping smoking, controlling smoking, controlling blood pressure, and modifying cholesterol. Equipment and facilities include: gymnasium, free-weight training area, Nautilus weight training area, aerobic training area, indoor walking area, outdoor FIT trail (walking path with workout stations), regulation quarter-mile surfaced track, tennis courts, grassed playing field, supporting classrooms, showers, and lockers.

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