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Enterprise State Community College Hosts Math Tournament

Enterprise State Community College Hosts Math Tournament

The Mathematics Department at Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) hosted a Mathematics Tournament at its Enterprise campus on Friday, February 3, 2017. The tournament welcomed 300 middle and high school students from 16 local schools.

Middle and high school students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Advanced Mathematics. Members from ESCC’s faculty and student organizations assisted in directing students to the correct testing rooms and monitoring the testing areas. Instructors from ESCC’s Science and Mathematics Department graded the tests and presented awards to the tournament winners. The tournament concluded with lunch that was provided by ESCC’S Recruitment Team and an awards ceremony.

Ms. Kristi Peters, a Mathematics Professor at ESCC, was excited to help host the Math Tournament: “As Math instructors, we know the importance of Mathematics. Hosting this local tournament gives our area ‘Math Stars’ a chance to shine.”

CUTLINE: From left to right – front row: Jason Bell (Division I – Algebra I – First place), Marina Ognibert (Division I – Algebra I – Second place), Charles Frey (Division I – Algebra I – Third place); Isabell Stafford (Division II – Algebra I – First place), Noah Dickens (Division II – Algebra I – Second place), Jackson Kelley (Division II – Algebra I – Third place); David Yang (Division I – Geometry – First place), Michael Byrd (Division I – Geometry – Second place), William Raley (Division I – Geometry – Third place);
From left to right – middle row: Timi Sobanjo (Division II – Geometry – First place), Emily Floyd (Division II – Geometry – Second place), Aleigh Lanier (Division II – Geometry – Third place); Jackson Norsworthy (Division I – Algebra II – First place), Tanner Chevrette (Division I – Algebra II – Second place), Bailey Eubanks (Division I – Algebra II – Third place); Josh Sanders (Division II – Algebra II – Third place), Sarah Putnam (Division II – Algebra II – Second place), Hagen Hall (Division II – Algebra II – First place);
From left to right – back row: Nikolas Stefanov (Division I – Advanced Math – Third place), Camp Shelor (Division I – Advanced Math – Second place), Serin Baek (Division I – Advanced Math – First place); Cody Hebert (Division II – Advanced Math – Third place), Preston Williams (Division II – Advanced Math – Second place), Scott Nguyen (Division II – Advanced Math – First place);

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