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Adult Education Program Holds Graduation

Adult Education Program Holds Graduation

Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) recently held graduation for students in the Adult Education Program. This graduation ceremony marked the first of its kind at ESCC, now that Alabama students who did not earn a diploma before exiting high school have the opportunity to go back and earn a high school diploma in adult education classrooms.

The program, referred to as the Alabama High School Diploma Options Program (HSDO), is for those who either dropped out of high school without earning the required number of credits or failed portions of the now-retired Alabama High School Graduation Exam. HSDO is offered through the Alabama Community College System in partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education and costs nothing for those enrolled. Students receive a traditional high school diploma from the last high school attended after completing the HSDO program.

More than 75 students have applied for the HSDO program at ESCC since the option became available last September, and 21 have since completed. One-hundred five (105) students earned a GED through ESCC over the last year.

For more information about the HSDO program or Adult Education services, contact the Adult Education Office at(334) 347-2623, ext. 2218.

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