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ESCC employs the ‘Triple Threat’

ESCC employs the ‘Triple Threat’

Jan 30, 2019


Enterprise State Community College has a new recruiting team that refer to themselves as the “Triple Threat.”

ESCC Recruiter Adonis Bozeman, Alabama Aviation College Recruiter and Career Coach Jenna Strickland and ESCC Career Coach Emily Harrelson make up the team who have recently spent most of their time on the road recently.

“The three of us work really well together,” said Strickland. “We’ve spent the past week and half on the road meeting our guidance counselors and introducing Adonis (Bozeman) and Emily (Harrelson). I think we’re a great team.”

Harrelson said she believes every team member brings something to the table that compliments the other members. For Harrelson she said it’s her experience in social work.

“My undergrad and master’s are both in social work so that includes patience such as working one-on-one with students with the career coach aspect,” Harrelson said. “With ninth through 12th graders it’s able to get them college ready such as being able to see students succeed as individuals, which betters the community as a whole.”

Bozeman said his prior experience as a recruiter brings something new to the ESCC team.

“I feel like being that I came from a four-year institution with Auburn University Montgomery, I incorporate a lot of those ideas and new flavors and transition those to a two-year university,” Bozeman said. “It’s always exciting and fun to do that.”

Strickland says her love for the community and experience at the University of Alabama help her bring some unique strategies to the table.

“I have such a love for this community and this area,” Strickland said. “I did get to recruit as a student recruiter at the University of Alabama for the football team so I’m kind of using some of Coach Saban’s tactics to recruit new students.”

She said the team’s own college experiences will also help with their goal.

“All of us were in college pretty recently, I mean we’re all still pretty young,” Strickland said. “I think having a fresh experience and being able to say, ‘Hey, I did this but let me tell you how it can be easier for you,’ brings something to the table for these students.”

The team said that their goal is not only to help ESCC grow, but also help the community grow.

“We’re a community college so we just want to better the community as a whole, not just Enterprise itself but all the surrounding areas,” Harrelson said.

One of the ways they do this is by targeting non-traditional students, according to Harrelson.

Strickland said not many people know that students 60 and over receive free tuition, and only have to pay for books and fees.

“If someone is sitting at home and they need something to do, come take a computer or a drawing class,” Strickland said. “I had an older gentleman ask me, ‘Hey, I really want to learn how to use Powerpoint, can the college teach me that?’ Absolutely. If you’re sitting at home and thinking, ‘I just want to learn how to use my computer,’ we can help you with that.”

She said that the college is focused on the needs of the community.

“We’re starting to really see what our community needs and serve that to our community,” Strickland said. “If people have an idea, let us hear it. We want to hear what you think we need because we’re a community college and a community college serves the community.”

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