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“Dancing for Scholarships” raises over $20,000

“Dancing for Scholarships” raises over $20,000

The Enterprise State Community College Foundation raised over $20,000 for scholarships for future and current students through its third annual “Dancing for Scholarships” event.

These funds will not only support current Foundation scholarships, but it will also help dual-enrollment students take courses at ESCC through a new scholarship, according to Foundation Executive Director Chellye Stump.

“We’ve not given dual enrollment scholarships in the past, so this year, we plan to set aside some of the money we raise for dual-enrollment students,” she said before the event.

During the event, over 400 people watched as seven local STARS showed off their dancing skills during the fundraising event, held at the Enterprise Civic Center on Thursday, Oct. 10.

This year’s seven STARS and their professional partners were: Erin Grantham, executive director of Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, partnered with Adonis Bozeman, recruiter for ESCC; Brent Harrison, principal at Enterprise High School, partnered with Jameka Oates, principal dancer and instructor for Patti Rutland Jazz and instructor for Enterprise School of Dance; Dr. Anna Head, ESCC English Division Chair, partnered with Dr. Ken Thomas, ESCC Fine Arts Division Chair; Gloria Jones, retired interior decorator, partnered with Ronald DeVane, ballroom dance instructor; John Mitchell Jr. of Mitchell Automotive Group, partnered with Janie Allen of GetFit Nutrition; Chris Moseley, superintendent of Elba City Schools, partnered with Teniyah Ginyard, dance instructor for Enterprise School of Dance; and Bill Schleusner, co-owner of The Rawls Restaurant, partnered with Mattie Hanson, teacher with Enterprise City Schools.

These teams danced for the chance to receive either the People’s Choice or the Judges Favorite Mirror Ball trophies.

This year, the People’s Choice Mirror Ball trophy went to partners Mitchell and Allen, who danced to “Rockin’ Robin.” The People’s Choice winner was decided through the number of votes each team received the night of the event.

Mitchell said he stepped out of his comfort zone to take part in the event, but the experience was worth it.

“I did enjoy it,” he said. “It was very rewarding. It was for a great cause.”

He challenged others to participate in next year’s “Dancing for Scholarships” event.

“I definitely would challenge anyone to do it, even if you don’t think you can,” he said.

The winners of the Judges Favorite Mirror Ball were partners Schleusner and Hanson, who danced to “Beat It.”  Each team’s performance was judged on four categories: entertainment, technique, chemistry as a couple and the choreography of the dance. This year’s judges were Will Searcy, Elizabeth Whitton and Kara Danner.

Schleusner said he was surprised to receive the trophy with his partner.

“That was shocking,” he said. “To come out the winner of the Mirror Ball was surreal.”

Schleusner said he attended last year’s “Dancing for Scholarships” event and thought it would be fun to participate. He then received the call to be a community STAR from Stump.

“I really enjoyed being a part of such a great event,” he said. “This is one of the best fundraising events that’s being held in the Wiregrass, just from the execution and the product they put out. You really enjoy coming to it.

“It definitely is a unique event that I think people in the Wiregrass should attend and support.”

He also encouraged members of the Wiregrass communities to “absolutely participate” in next year’s event.

“I don’t know why people would hesitate,” he said. “It’s worth it. It’s a lot of fun.”

Mitchell and Schleusner were not the only participants to encourage others to take part. After his dance the night of the event, Moseley also challenged other educators in the Wiregrass communities to take part as well.

“Enterprise State reaches out to a lot of school systems, and I am so proud to represent Elba,” he said. “Enterprise, Coffee County, Ozark, all the schools they reach out to… I challenge all these school systems to come out and participate in this for their kids.”

Stump said the ESCC Foundation is thankful for everyone who participated and supported the fundraising event, stating that ESCC has “the best community, and we know this would not be possible without their support.”

She also said that while Mirror Balls were presented to the two dance teams, every participant is a winner.

“I can’t thank the dancers enough for all the time they donated out of their busy lives to practice over the last two months to make this night so special,” Stump said. “I would also like to thank the employees of Enterprise State Community College who served on the committee that made this event possible. We have an outstanding group that worked hard for the last few months to make sure this event was enjoyable for all.”

Stump said she is already looking ahead and is searching for STARS and PROS for next year’s event. To participate, contact Chellye Stump at (334) 347-2623 ext. 2279 or cstump@escc.edu.

CUTLINE: Seven Community STARS and their PRO partners took part in the 2019 “Dancing for Scholarships” event on Oct. 10. Pictured, from left, are STAR Brent Harrison with PRO Jameka Oates; PRO Dr. Ken Thomas with STAR Dr. Anna Head; STAR Bill Schleusner with PRO Mattie Hanson, winners of the Judges Favorite trophy; PRO Janie Allen with STAR John Mitchell Jr., winners of the People’s Choice trophy; STAR Gloria Jones with PRO Ronald DeVane, PRO Teniyah Ginyard with STAR Chris Moseley; and PRO Adonis Bozeman with STAR Erin Grantham.

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