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Paramedic program starting spring semester at ESCC

Paramedic program starting spring semester at ESCC

In Spring 2020, Enterprise State Community College will provide needed EMT training and a new associates degree through its Paramedic program.

The program is the result of several years of work from EMS Director Capt. Christopher Davis and Science and Health Division Chair Dr. Tyler Simmons. Both men saw a need to “better equip the community with trained professionals who can help in an emergency,” according to Davis.

Students in ESCC’s Paramedic program will complete the “highest level” of EMT training, consisting of classroom and lab work, according to Davis. Paramedic students will also have an internship opportunity with Medical Center Enterprise and Enterprise Rescue Inc.

“EMT participate in 48 hours of internship,” Davis said. “AEMT students participate in 96 hours of internships, and Paramedic students will participate in 450 hours of internship.

“Our partners at Medical Center Enterprise and Enterprise Rescue are of the highest caliber. Both the organizations and their personnel go above and beyond to genuinely participate in the program and aid our students in becoming the best healthcare providers possible.”

Captain Anthony Cole said Enterprise Rescue is proud to provide training opportunities for ESCC students.

“Enterprise Rescue has always had a great relationship with the college,” Cole said. “We are always pleased with the quality of students coming through ESCC, and we are more than happy to give them the training opportunities they need.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this program.”

Suzanne Woods, CEO of Medical Center Enterprise, said MCE was “excited” to help Paramedics students with their training at ESCC.

“To have a service such as the Paramedic program is a gift to our citizens of the Wiregrass,” she said. “Our community relies on these special individuals in ways that most will never realize – from the obvious of life saving measures to educating our community. It takes an incredible person to fill the role of a paramedic, and we at Medical Center Enterprise could not be more excited to assist in this program at ESCC.”

“I commend Dr. Tyler Simmons and Capt. Chris Davis for their time and effort in this process,” President Matt Rodgers said. “They are committed to developing programs that serve our communities and continuing to expand our healthcare programs.

“Chris Davis, with his level of expertise, is carrying on a long tradition of training EMTs and paramedics. I can’t think of a more critical area than providing training to first responders.”

In addition to an Associate in Applied Science in Paramedic, ESCC will also offer students the option to complete training to receive a Paramedic Certificate. The college also offers students degrees and certificates through its Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Advanced EMT programs.

“Enterprise State Community College has a rich tradition of providing well-trained emergency medical professionals,” Dean of Instruction Danny Long said. “It started with former EMS Director Anthony Cole, and that tradition continues with Capt. Chris Davis.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the work that Chris and our Science and Health Division Chair Dr. Tyler Simmons have put in to revitalize the Associate in Applied Science in Paramedics for our college.  The results of their efforts will provide dividends to our community for years to come.”

Scholarships are available for students taking part in the Paramedic program. The deadline to apply for scholarships is March 1, 2020.

EMTs make an impact on the lives of others, and trained professionals at all levels are needed in this area.

“EMS is a young profession that is often perceived as a job more than a career or profession,” Davis said. “This could not be further from the truth. EMTs are professionals who train tirelessly throughout their career, both mentally and physically, in order to properly aid their fellow man in their greatest hour of need. I cannot think of any other jobs that have that kind of dedication or impact on the world.”

Cutline: EMS Director Capt. Christopher Davis, left, joins future Paramedic instructor Joe McCollough, right, in teaching advanced EMT students.

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