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ESCC to reopen scholarships, increase funding

ESCC to reopen scholarships, increase funding

Enterprise State Community College is proud to announce that it will reopen its scholarship application on April 1 and increase its total scholarship amount by an additional $100,000. 

“Our college has been blessed over the last two years through increased student enrollment and other efforts,” ESCC President Matt Rodgers said. “Our community is so supportive of us, and one way the College can give back is by increasing our scholarship amounts to support our community and students.”

The scholarship application will reopen on Wednesday, April 1, at escc.edu/admissions/scholarships. The new deadline to apply will be Monday, June 1. 

For students who previously applied for a scholarship, recipients will be notified by Tuesday, March 31. If a student previously applied for a scholarship but did not receive one, his or her name will be kept in the applicant pool for consideration after the June 1 deadline. 

“This is a stressful time and there is a lot of uncertainty, but we are here to serve our community in any way we can,” Rodgers said. 

ESCC and the Alabama Aviation College, a unit of Enterprise State, are also continuing to serve their current students while campuses are closed and instruction is provided online. 

Student support staff and instructors are reaching out to students to make sure the transition to online learning is as smooth as possible, connecting them with staff members who can answer their questions about technology, Canvas or other campus updates. 

Dual enrollment staff are also continuing to work with partner high schools to help those students have the opportunity to enroll in courses for the upcoming summer and fall semesters. 

Additionally, resources typically available to students on campus were adapted for online and Canvas use while campuses were closed. These include learning resources for research, which are available through the ESCC library, the campus bookstore and VitalSource, the Alabama Virtual Library and other sources.

Free tutoring services offered through ESCC’s Boll Weevil Central are also available through Canvas so that students are still able to receive assistance with coursework virtually. 

“I am proud of the dedicated team of educators and staff members who have done so much to make this transition as smooth as possible,” Rodgers said. “I also want to thank our current students for their hard work during this time and encourage them to keep it up to end the semester strong.

“We strive to provide excellent instruction and student support services, and we will continue to do so as we look forward to the summer and next fall.” 

Summer registration will begin on Monday, April 6. Students can register for summer classes through their myESCC account. Once summer registration begins, summer pell grants will start being processed. For transient students who wish to take summer courses, email admissions@escc.edu to begin the enrollment process. 

Applications for Fall 2020 are also being accepted at this time. The free application for ESCC and the AAC can be found at escc.edu/apply-now. Recruiters are reaching out to those students who have already completed applications, answering their questions and working with them to complete any applications or forms, like the FAFSA. 

Students who plan to attend ESCC/AAC during the fall semester must complete the 2020-21 FAFSA at studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa using school code in 001015. 

“Whether you’ve been with us in the past or you’re thinking about starting a degree or

certificate program, we’re here to help you keep your momentum going,” Rodgers said.

Cutlines: ESCC President Matt Rodgers meets with Enterprise High School seniors during a senior visit to campus. 

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