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New ESCC Community Scholarship available for spring

New ESCC Community Scholarship available for spring

A new scholarship at Enterprise State Community College is helping students complete their education and training this spring.

Through ESCC’s Community Scholarship, eligible students will be entitled to six free credit hours for the Spring 2021 semester when they pay for six credit hours. The scholarship is available to students in any college program. The Community Scholarship will cover only tuition cost and fees will not be included.

The scholarship is aimed to help new students who wish to enroll in college for the first time and those who want to return to college and are not currently enrolled at the College. Additionally, the scholarship will target skilled workers displaced by the virus who want to complete training and receive industry-recognized credentials to increase their competitiveness in the workforce.

“The Community Scholarship is a continued effort on our part to support our community during a difficult time,” ESCC President Rodgers said. “During this pandemic, we increased our institution scholarship offerings to provide more financial assistance to students affected by the virus. Additionally, with great support from our Foundation, we were able to provide a similar BOGO scholarship over the summer to make sure our students did not put their education on hold.

“We’re proud to offer this new scholarship and open another path to those who want to jumpstart or continue their education and training.”

The community scholarship will also serve as an incentive for select workers to come back to college for additional training. For businesses or industries who wish to partner with ESCC and help send their workers to the College for additional training, contact Workforce Development and Adult Education Director Leigh Shiver at (344) 347-2623 ext. 2209 or email lshiver@escc.edu.

“The ESCC Community Scholarship is a great asset to help students wanting to start or return to college in the spring,” Shiver said. “This scholarship also provides a great opportunity to develop partnerships with local businesses and industry leaders who want to see their employees receive a college education or training. At ESCC, we are always happy to make those connections and provide those opportunities to those in our community.”

In addition to funding training opportunities for workers, students who were previously enrolled in any program prior to Fall 2020 and those who will enroll in any program in the spring will be eligible to receive the Community Scholarship. A full list of programs can be found at escc.edu/programs.

“We’re looking forward to a great spring semester,” Vice President/Dean of Instruction Danny Long said. “Whether virtual or in the classroom, our spring class schedule will continue to meet the educational and training needs of our students. Our faculty and staff will continue to offer their best instruction to our students and provide the essential support our students need. As an institution, we’re also planning to help our students with their technology needs through a laptop loaner program that will have over 260 available laptops available.”

ESCC purchased 260 laptops for all students to be able to access their assignments for their classes. Laptops will be available for students to check out and use only for school-related purposes. To request a laptop, students must complete a laptop request form at escc.edu/laptop.

“With the availability of our various forms of student support and the addition of the Community Scholarship, I would encourage those individuals who want to start their college education, return to college or who want to receive additional technical training to apply and register for the spring.”

To apply for the Community Scholarship, the student must enroll at ESCC, complete the FAFSA at studentaid.gov and complete the additional Community Scholarship form at escc.edu/communityscholarship. Any student who meets the qualifications will receive the scholarship, which will only be applied after all other grants and scholarship funds have been exhausted. The deadline to apply for the Community Scholarship is Dec. 10.

Students interested in applying for the Community Scholarship can access the application now, just in time to be ready for spring semester registration. Open registration begins Nov. 9.

For more information on the Community Scholarship, visit escc.edu/communityscholarship. To apply to ESCC/AAC, visit escc.edu/admissions.

Cutline: For new students or previously enrolled students, a new ESCC Community Scholarship makes the Spring 2021 semester the time to join ESCC. Pictured, from left, are Jeff-Edward Bell, Madisen Grimsley, Bridget Glover, Jasmin Hurtado, Gwen Mitchell, Zamaya Arnold.

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