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EOC helps adult learners with education/training goals

EOC helps adult learners with education/training goals

A new TRiO program housed at both Enterprise State Community College and the Alabama Aviation College is here to help adult learners who wish to pursue post-secondary education.

In 2021, the College received federal grant funding to implement the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) program, now led by Director Jennifer Braden, to help adult learners navigate the college admissions process and find their path toward a degree or career training. The program serves 850 participants in Coffee, Dale, Geneva and Houston Counties, and it is free to join.

“The Educational Opportunity Center is here to aid and support adults who need to complete their secondary education and/or who wish to pursue higher education,” Braden said. “While we are housed on ESCC’s campuses, we’re here to help any adult interested in going to any college, whether for a two-year degree or training certificate or a four-year degree. The EOC staff will work to ensure that all participants who want to pursue higher education understand the options available to them and have help in reaching their goals.”

The program will hold two open house events to allow community members and organizations to meet with staff and learn about all the services offered through EOC. The first event will be held Monday, Feb. 28, from 1-3 p.m. in Steagall Building on the AAC campus in Ozark. The second event will be held Tuesday, March 1, from 1-3 p.m. in the Student Center on the Enterprise campus.

“Education can change the trajectory of an individual’s, and their families’, life,” Braden said. “Whether they want to pursue a two- or four-year academic degree or if they want to train for in-demand jobs, we are here to help students move forward in their paths toward successful careers.”

An application must be completed to join the EOC program. The application and program services can be found at escc.edu/trio/educational-opportunity-center. For more information on the program, email trioeoc@escc.edu or call (334) 406-0495.

Cutline: EOC Director Jennifer Braden, left, assists Lora Thomas with her plan for postsecondary education.

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