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ESCC hosts ASCA small high school and junior varsity regional tournament

ESCC hosts ASCA small high school and junior varsity regional tournament

Enterprise State Community College, along with Professor Kathy Pattie and her Scholars’ Bowl Team, recently hosted the Alabama Scholastic Competition Association’s (ASCA) Small High School and Junior Varsity Regional Tournament on Friday, January 13th.

ASCA is the sponsor of the Alabama Scholastic Challenge for high schools in Alabama, which allows scholars’ bowl teams comprised of students in grades 9-12 to compete for a state championship. Students are quizzed based on their knowledge of facts relative to a variety of subjects, and advance by winning against other teams.

Enterprise State Community College is ASCA’S tournament location for Alabama high schools in the Southern Region. ESCC’s Scholars’ Bowl Team hosted and assisted in running the tournament to raise money for their competition expenses. The tournament welcomed 18 teams from 14 different high schools all over south Alabama as each school vied to be named the Regional Champion. ESCC Scholars’ Bowl Sponsor Kathy Pattie says that she believes hosting the tournament is beneficial to the college as well as the participants: “This is a good recruitment opportunity to show these high school students the friendliness of our faculty here at ESCC and help familiarize them with our college.”

Shannon Lynch, a member of the ESCC Scholars’ Bowl team, stated that she is excited for the high school students to have an opportunity to compete in the Alabama Scholastic Challenge because of the skills they attain through their participation: “Scholars’ Bowl enables students to think quickly on their feet and allows them to gain knowledge about subjects they may be unfamiliar with, such as literature and mythology.” ESCC will welcome more scholars’ bowl competitors to its campus on February 10, 2017 when it hosts the ASCA High School District Tournament.

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