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Enterprise State Community College Phi Theta Kappa Tau Mu Chapter has been named a 2017 REACH Chapter

Enterprise State Community College Phi Theta Kappa Tau Mu Chapter has been named a 2017 REACH Chapter

ENTERPRISE – Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, President and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa presented the REACH Reward to Enterprise State Community College Tau Mu chapter. “Last year, Phi Theta Kappa launched REACH Rewards, a program designed to recognize and reward Phi Theta Kappa chapters that excel in membership development. We did this because we believe strongly in the mission of Phi Theta Kappa and want as many students as possible to receive the benefits of membership—benefits including scholarships and increased opportunities for engagement with their peers and key faculty members on campus—which lead to higher rates of completion among our members. I am happy to announce that the Tau Mu Chapter has been named a 2017 REACH Chapter and will be receiving special recognition in the form of 8 Phi Theta Kappa graduation stoles that will be sent directly to the chapter’s advisor. These stoles can then be distributed to chapter officers or members to be worn during graduation and to keep as a celebration of the milestone of college completion, while also encouraging other students to do the same”, said Dr. Tincher-Ladner.

Phi Theta Kappa designed a rewards program for chapters focused on Recognizing Excellence in Acceptance and Completion with Honors. For short, Phi Theta Kappa called it REACH Rewards. The REACH Rewards program encourages membership by rewarding chapters who achieve or exceed 15 percent for their membership acceptance rate.

Kristi Peters, Math Instructor at ESCC and Phi Theta Kappa Tau Mu chapter’s advisor, had this to say about the REACH Reward, “It is an honor to be the advisor for our college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter. PTK is the only honor society for community college students so being able to recognize these students who work exceptionally hard is exciting. When I became advisor, our chapter had been inactive so recruiting new members was very important. After seeing the life changing benefits Phi Theta Kappa membership can bring these students I knew I wanted every eligible student to also have this opportunity. To receive REACH rewards from our international headquarters in an honor and shows that we are helping to make a difference in our students lives by increasing our membership”.

CUTLINE: Front row left to right: Cheyanna Huston-McCrea – Enterprise, AL., Kristi Peters – Chapter Advisor, Katie Sullivan – Hartford, AL.

Back row: Shannon Lynch – Enterprise, AL., Hannah Eddins – Samson, AL., Caleb Newsom – Enterprise, AL., Macy McIntosh – Jack, AL., Matthew Skinner – Hartford, AL., Jacob McDougald – Enterprise, AL.

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