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ESCC Cerebral Weevils Place Fourth in the Nation at Academic Quiz Bowl

ESCC Cerebral Weevils Place Fourth in the Nation at Academic Quiz Bowl

The Enterprise State Cerebral Weevils traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the NAQT Community College Championship Tournament – the national tournament for all two-year colleges from around the country.  The Weevils placed second in the sectional tournament in Birmingham in January 2017 to qualify for the event.  After a grueling two days of competition, the Weevils placed fourth in the nation with a record of 8-4.  This fourth-place finish earned the Cerebral Weevils an invitation to the ICT, a four-year college championship which will be held in Chicago, IL April 7-8, 2017.  In addition to the team’s overall finish, Mike Johnson, a member of the Cerebral Weevils, finished second in overall individual scoring in the event. He says this on the subject: “I didn’t expect too much coming in, but in this tournament, and in those past, I’ve managed to go and beat dozens of competitors with the help of my team. I’m impressed at our performances and I hope we can continue our success in the future.”

The team is excited for the opportunity of further competition and is diligently practicing facing teams such as Vanderbilt, Harvard, Columbia, NYC, Chicago, Duke, and others.

NAQT competition is an academic quiz bowl.  It showcases knowledge in the sciences, math, the arts, literature, current events, geography, history, and a host of other topics.  Students who participate must be able to quickly cycle through their entire breadth of knowledge to find answers to the questions before they are “buzzed out” by the other team.  This finish highlights the academic excellence that Enterprise State is known for.

The travel team for this national competition consisted of Matthew Skinner (captain), Jonathan Page, Shannon Lynch, Penny Steagall, Mike Johnson, and Chris Carter.  Other members of the Cerebral Weevils 2016-7 team are Zac Yohn and Ishmael James.  The sponsor is Kathy Pattie.

For more information please contact Kathy Pattie at 334-347-2623 x2249 or kpattie@escc.edu.

Cutline: Back Row from left to Right: Dr. Vicky Ohlson (Interim President of ESCC), Jonathan Page, Chris Carter, Zac Yohn, Ishmael James

Front Row from left to Right: Penny Steagall, Mike Johnson, Mathew Skinner, Shannon Lynch, Kathy Pattie (English Instructor)

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