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ESCC’s summer registration underway to help students graduate college earlier with transferable courses and trade instruction

ESCC’s summer registration underway to help students graduate college earlier with transferable courses and trade instruction

By Matt Rodgers, President of Enterprise State Community College

Serving as President of Enterprise State Community College has been such a blessed opportunity that I truly appreciate. In just a short time, I have grown to admire the faculty and staff at ESCC/AAC and the opportunities provided by the College. Our instructors are second to none, and we have a loving staff dedicated to serving the needs of our students. As we continually work to uphold the standard of excellence in degree programs and course offerings, we want you to be a part of experiencing ESCC by enrolling in transferable general education courses or in technical courses this summer at ESCC.

Every profession that requires at least a four-year degree – from engineers, doctors, and lawyers to teachers, scientists, and journalists – will at some point require that students take college-level general education courses such as English, math, history, science, and art.

The benefit of taking general education courses at ESCC this summer is not only that the classes cost at least half of what students will pay for the same course on the four-year level, but that ESCC students have the opportunity to study with instructors with the same credentials as those on the four-year level in a much smaller, one-on-one environment that fosters student development and a village of support. It does not matter if the student is a high school senior who just graduated, a transient student who already attends another university, a current ESCC student, or a nontraditional student who just wants to pick up some courses to advance a career. ESCC has something for everyone.

Transfer students who start college this summer at ESCC and attend classes year-round could earn enough credits in four semesters to begin a third year at their selected transfer institution. One method that ESCC uses to provide a strong foundation for transfer students is by ensuring that the classes that they take at ESCC will actually transfer. ESCC can stand by this agreement when students follow the Alabama Articulation Program, which is also called STARS (Statewide Articulation Reporting System). STARS is designed to inform students about degree requirements and course equivalents from colleges from each state-funded four-year institution.

Another program through the Alabama Community College System called the “2 to 4 Transfer Program” creates a seamless transfer opportunity from ESCC to selected independent colleges in Alabama as well.

In addition to transfer opportunities at ESCC, students can obtain an Associate Degree in Arts, an Associate Degree in Science, or an Associate Degree in Applied Science after completing a set number of credit hours and courses.

ESCC also offers multiple certificate programs and AAS programs such as business administration, paralegal, computer science, and aviation that are all high wage and high-demand careers.  Many students who transfer obtain enough credits to graduate with an AA, AS or AAS before they transfer and can use their degree as leverage to potentially work in their field of study before obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

Since the 1960s, AAC has been located on U.S. Highway 231 in Ozark and has given students all the knowledge, skills and ability it takes to work in the aviation industry. As the only aviation maintenance program in the state of Alabama, AAC also offers Avionics Technology classes and an AAS degree. In just two years, six semesters, students are able to begin a career in aviation. The skill sets learned on campus can transition into other trades as well.

Not only are students able to study inside a classroom at ESCC. Online and hybrid courses, including a one-week speech class that counts as if the student attended the entire semester, are offered.

Great things are happening at ESCC/AAC and we are just getting started. Our faculty and staff are here to help you achieve your educational, social and employment goals.  We urge you to consider attending summer courses here.

If we can be of assistance in registering you for courses, assisting with the FAFSA, or in arranging a campus tour or meeting with an instructor, feel free to contact us at 334-347-2623. I can also be reached via email at mrodgers@escc.edu. Our available summer courses, along with a wealth of information at ESCC, are also available online at escc.edu.

CUTLINE: Matt Rodgers, President of Enterprise State Community College.

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