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DHS seniors visit ESCC

DHS seniors visit ESCC



Daleville High School students filled Enterprise State Community College’s multipurpose room as part of their school visit day on Jan. 31.

DHS senior Isaiah Robinson said he was excited to see what ESCC has to offer.

“I’m excited to see what type of courses ESCC has and see as much as I can, and I’m just glad I’m able to be here,” Robinson said.

They shared the room with Wicksburg High School students as music filled the room before ESCC President Matt Rodgers addressed the crowd.

“Congratulations on your senior year, we’re going to have a good time today because we have a fun crew here today,” Rodgers said. “We want to appreciate and thank our counselors and bus drivers that made it possible for you to be here.”

Rodgers introduced the “Triple Threat” recruiting team who spoke to the students about a number of topics including the cost of ESCC, ESCC scholarships, transfer credits, etc.

During their presentation, the group had a “five second dance break” where they played music and passed out prizes who got up and danced.

The presentation ended with a goose chase. Students had to assemble into teams of 10 and use an app to get clues to each location of the chase.

Once students figured out the clue, they had to take a selfie and submit it through the app to prove they had solved the clue. The team to successfully finish the race fastest got a prize.

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