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Williams chosen as new ESCC athletic director

Williams chosen as new ESCC athletic director

Head Basketball Coach Jermaine Williams was announced to be the school’s new athletic director Thursday morning. According to ESCC President Matt Rodgers, former athletic director and current Associate Dean of Students Kevin Ammons will be taking on additional administrative duties as Williams steps up into the role.

“I am extremely excited about Coach Jermaine Williams taking on the new role of Athletics Director at ESCC,” Rodgers said following the announcement. “I have watched Coach Williams over the last year and a half and I continue to be impressed with his work ethic and passion for the college.  He is an outstanding man, coach, and mentor to our student-athletes.  He cares greatly about all of our athletes and coaches.  I believe in him and have no doubt he will shine as our AD.

“I also want to thank Dr. Ammons for his hard work and commitment to our athletic programs.  Dr. Ammons will be taking on additional duties for the College.  We have made tremendous progress under Kevin’s leadership.  We have updated our facilities, added scholarships and always remained in compliance with the ACCS.  I can’t thank him enough for his leadership over the last few years.  Coach Williams and Dr. Ammons will continue to work closely together as we advance our athletics program.”

Williams has served as ESCC’s head basketball coach for 7 years but first came to the school as an assistant coach under David James following his graduation from Troy University. Williams later returned to the school and worked with Coach Charles Cole; he was selected as ESCC’s head coach following Cole’s retirement.

Williams said he was “flabbergasted” by the announcement but excited about the future of the athletics program.

“It feels great — it’s a blessing,” Williams said. “You work hard and it shows what hard work does pays off in the long run. Just be patient and humble, do your best. You get rewarded for it.”

Williams said that his primary focus as athletic director will be to build off of the work Ammons began.

“Dr. Ammons has done a great job, and I want to build off what he’s already put in motion,” Williams said. “Facilities are our number one priority, and we have plans for that. We will finish renovating the gym, which we’ve already begun, and we have plans for a new website that will be launched this year; it’ll allow the community to watch games via live stream and it will help with recruitment. We want to try to recruit the best athletes we can locally and keep them home.”

Ammons said he has complete confidence in Williams and his ability to bring ESCC’s athletics into the spotlight.

“I’m honored that Coach Williams is going to be the new director; I couldn’t think of a finer individual to come in and take the program to new heights,” Ammons said. “I’ve never seen a man have this much ability to work with kids, not only on the court but also in making sure they’re successful in the classroom. He’ll be involved in other sports now and I think we’ll see graduation rates continue to increase while keeping students competitive on the field. Coach Williams will do a good job — he’s always been successful and I have no reservations when his name came up for AD. I’ll continue to support the program under his leadership.”

Williams said that ESCC Athletics have come a long way, even with more work to be done on the horizon.

“Administration has increased our scholarships, which is great for all our sports — that’ll help us next year with building the teams,” Williams said. “The administration is doing everything to help us improve, and I want to thank them for that. Mr. Rodgers has great leadership, and anything we can come up with to improve the program he will support.”

Despite the change in administration, Williams said he will remain in his position as head basketball coach and still “be the same coach” the community knows so well.

“I’m still the same Coach Williams — nothing will change there,” Williams laughed. “Nothing will change me as a person. I’ll continue helping the community, because without community, we can’t do anything.”

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